Baby Shower gift

Baby Shower gift for Irina - Bo Bunny word "Baby" I used up stash for this with an older LRS kit filled with Making Memories product... I loved the Pink and Green combination as she is supposed to be having a girl.. random flowers and brads, I used a Jillibean soup

stamp for the butterfly and a BG rub on. I found some of my little Maya Road heart pins leftover from Valentines day and stuck them on too.

Until next time!


Missing You - Vacation

Duchess, I can hardly believe yesterday was 2 years since you went to puppy heaven! I miss you every single day! The joy and happiness you brought to my life will last my lifetime. I miss seeing you everywhere but mostly I miss you by my side and sitting on the chair like this while I craft or taking you for ice cream. No other dog was as loved as you were my puppie.. You definately left your pawprints on my heart... love and miss you puppie! RIP 9-13-1996 4-2-2009


Now this little birdie Sparkie takes up most of my free time... she is always around wanting to be out of her cage and loved... But alas a bit too much loving and she thinks its fun to lay eggs for me.. arrrrrrrrrrgh enough already... This was her hunt the day she laid her last clutch. Looking into the pantry... oh no you don't

Really thinking looks good back here mom! No dearie you head up to your cage where she promplty started her latest clutch... where they belong.. Now to break her of this cycle... 4 clutchs of eggs since Thanksgiving is not good!!! hard to not love her so much but we are shaking up her cage and routine to break her out of the Nesting mode...

February came and went, not sure If I posted this little batch of valentine pillow pockets or not.

Peeps at work loved them.! Now to make some Easter ones, finding this is the best way to make alot of things, uses up stash!! wooot wooot... and can put together quickly.. Ok, so while on vacation I spent alot of time by myself during the day while peeps at work. So I went on a photo shoot... hehehe here is one of the better self shots I really need to get myself more into my books and stop being so hyper critical of how my photos come out.. I me afterall this is what my family and friends see when they look at me and LOVE me just the way I am so need to do some self loving myself..

Westminster Massachusetts, The Old Mill is now a Restaurant, but in a previous life it was a grist mill.... love this shot taken thru the old granite wheel...

New England is full of covered bridges like this one.. got to love the simplicity of it.

With the amount of snow they recieved this year, the brooks are really ragin with water.

Not to be left out is this not the cutest thing ever, my sister's Bunnie Bunnie on a leash!!! hahaha he loves being outside and OMG my sister is just to darn cute talking and walkin him..

Off to work on a baby scrapbook using the BoBunny word book "Baby" and a stash of LRS kit.

Got to love using up stash... have to as I completely fell in love with some newer lines and NEED them... Work later, but hope to photo some of my layouts from the Aquarium I have made

Peace Out.

Until next time!


One of the few photos from my recent Boston trip to see Mary Poppins and Family.My son Josh just turned 22 and I got to spend time with him chatting and eating. Got to say it is a weird feeling the first time you have a drink out with one of your kids! Also have to say he was pretty much the only family member who WILLINGLY let me take a few photos... love love love that he did.. was pretty much grumpy icky faces all around except him. Thanks son!

Trip to Boston to see Mary Poppins, the Boston Opera House was great! Loved the architecture and the show was good... Random Boston photos and one or two from the subway... Enjoy

Jennifer and Sarah with forced smiles :-(

Mural on wall at State Street Subway station

View of city sidewalks

Dusk, lights coming on

Really wished I could have taken photos of performance... but this will be scrapable :-)

Sarah with her new shirt...

Crafty Creation for my Sister Cindy! I had so much fun doing this, I NEED to make one for myself now.. Used a wooden birdhouse from Joann's and adhered paper to front, paint and sparkles with a bow on top!! walaaaaaahhha

Paper from the LYB Twig Line, ribbon random from my stash, paints were old stash making memories (remember all those fun little bottles?) and Sparkle Mod Podge to finish it off.



Ready to be wrapped!

Until next time!



How come the first couple days after a vacation you feel refreshed and rarin to go, and wham day 3 knocks you on your butt!?!?! lol Had a wonderful time with family on vacation and work has wiped me out this week, thank goodness I have this weekend off trying to recuperate.

I was not able to get as many photos as I wanted to (family were all grumpies) sigh... but my dear son stood and just let me take his.. OH how I love this young man and miss him so much. We did get to spend time together and I am so hapy for it.
I will get photos loaded up and possibly posted tomorrow. I also have been scrapping my latest trip to the Aquarium and making some cards... so I have been busy even if not here..
I do appreciate those that stop in and check out my random chatter... Thanks and I look forward to catching up on my blog friends
Until next time!


Short Vacation

Don't worry, I'll be baaaaaaaaaack..... lol
Taking a trip east to visit family and see Mary Poppins!!! woooohoooo
Will update with photos on my return... Have a great 10 days ladies

Until next time!