Lisa, you were right!

So a couple posts back I mentioned having Christmas gifts and wrapping them.. Lisa was so right I got a Cricut Expression from Kerry, he was so funny bound and determined thats what he was getting me for my big gift. Well I was able to find it on the CustomCrops web site for a good price and got another Jukebox, 12 x 12 cutting mats and 2 storage boxes for my Solutions cartridges so it was a very "Cricut" Christmas in my world. I also got the "From my Kitchen" cartridge. :-)

So glad I have rediscovered my Cricut and love of it!! I am so excited and can not wait to create some more.. Resting and relaxing today with Kerry. He got a BlueRay dvd player and we have "Angels and Demons" and "Night in the Smithsonian" to watch :-)

And still working on getting photos uploaded et al....
Love to all and Merry Christmas I can not wait to hear how your Christmas was....Who got scrappin stuff??

Until next time!


Color me Happy!

Christmas Eve with the inlaws was a blast this year!!! I love them they are so cool, for instance I got scrappy goodness from them in the form of a Cricut Jukebox!!!! I'm so lucky, for my birthday earlier this month I scored the Wild Card cartridge from them too!!
Can't wait to play with it.. Off to snuggle with Kerry and find something good on tv.
Love to all friends, and may you have the very best Christmas time with your families.
Until next time!



So I've been here and not here and here again. Frustration that I need to reinstall my photo software.. have a few good shots to share.. Maybe tomorrow I can work on it. Until then know I am fine and reading ~ ok devouring every single word and idea on the blogs... keep them coming.. lol it's my sanity check...
So here is a Irish Blessing I found on the FB Tourism Ireland site..

"May the very best of this year be the very worst of next year"

I love it and need to scrap it.. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah (over) but most of all Peace and Happiness to you all..
Until next time!


So far behind...

With Christmas looming right around the corner... I am never this late and it's bothering me more than ever... UGH
So the good news is my dear husband Kerry (who really hates decorating since owing a mens clothing store for years and doing the windows and stores.. ) put up my TREE!!!! I have the best hubby ever.... and love him for this.. I know how much he hates doing it but there is no doubt (never was!) how much he loves me!!

Trying to round up the last few items to mail out to family back east.. Good thing they are gift cards and will be easy to finish up.
I so miss holiday baking, have not had time for it yet. I need to get my butt in gear and "Git er DONE!!!! LOL

Oh and radio in car is broken(well antenna) and I have been listening to the same cds for over a month now... time to switch them out with my Holiday cd's - so where did I put them last year?? anyone seen them???

Christmas for Kerry and I have few surprizes, we both bought what we wanted and wrapped it up... I know what my big present is - not telling you what it is but you will be as excited as I am when you find out.. I promise and it's scrap related.... So anyone want to guess... ???

Oh and I need to reinstall camera software... so I can upload photos..
Until next time!


Virus gone....

Virus is gone, but not back to normal yet.. :-(
I wanted to upload some photos of birthday gifts and cards/layout I made however seems I need to re-install my photo stuff first.. UGH...

So until then I'll just have to be patient.. as I am a technophobe.. lol just ask my daughter!
She was the one who installed it all in the beginning, so I guess I will have to read and figure it out.. could be a few days time. Work is extremely busy right now and still have Christmas shopping to do... Wish the niece and nephew would give up their lists.. NOWWWW lol
gotta have time to get the gift wrap it and mail it to arrive on time..

We got a small heater for our pond, looking forward to having critters visit for water this winter.
Speaking of we got our first dusting early this morning. It's colder and now finally feeling like winter is on its way.
Hope all is well with my blogging / Scrapping friends, look forward to seeing your blogs soon.

Until next time!