Chicago bound

Remember my last posting? I got to test out my new camera downtown Chicago and was duly impressed. Kerry and I took our first cruise on the lakefront viewing the Chicago Skyline from Lake Michigan... wow!

This is the lighthouse and breaker wall along the shore line to keep the waves at bay.

Possibly my favorite place is Navy Pier in Chicago, I love it! I guess the sentimental value is when Kerry and I first started our long distance relationship, he invited me to Chicago and that was the first place he took me to. Navy Pier in December!!!!! Brrrrrrrrr but I loved it...

This little seagull was definately not afraid of me and I love how the shot came out. He was on the pier as we were walking around.

Who wouldn't love this carousel?

Or want to take a ride on this 150 ft ferris wheel?

Or lunch here? We acutally ate at another place Riva Cafe on the Dock, outside seating... it was great to watch everyone walk by...

The same day I got to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa too!!! Well the replica one built in the sister city of Niles, Illinois it was worth the trip.

Pretty amazing If you ask me.
Ok and this little feathered friend (I now believe it is a House Wren) decided it likes the 2nd floor of my purple house! This little one is actually removing a nail from the house. I can just hear mama bird telling him "not in my nest"! lol
So I do have some layouts to complete, having fun this summer relaxing and reading.. Just finished up How to Knit a Love Story by Rachael Herron another new author found. This weekend is a 4 day weekend for me Woot Woot! I am so excited not sure if we will go far, but I am sure we will do something.. looking forward to more photos!
So here is a photo of my Beta, poor little guy never got a name... lol but takes a mean photo! I loved that my camera automatically set itself to the macro setting and then focused it so I could
get this great shot... double image and you can even see the air bubble!
Until next time!


Thursdays ramble....

Today another hot hazy humid day of summer!! Gotta love summer time, up until this year the heat never bothered me... now NOT so much>>>>> UGH must be getting hormonal with that ole menopause thing! YUCK.... well enough of that drama, moving on.....

I was happy to see my Purple bird house that bil made me is now home to some little birdies....
I grabbed my new camera (still figuring it out for focusing.. it has a stabalizer that is more sensitive than my last camera) but I snagged a photo of I believe a finch, lol it was removing a nail which was supposed to be the "perch" but they made their own. Will post photo when I get to it..

Working on a couple layouts, figure I will continue doing them and then post together!
Reading ~ The Worst Case by James Patterson
Heading to library to pick up a hold and request some new ones.. Maybe lunch out at Qdoba..?
Off work 4 days WOOT!! Kerry buzy with folks and Dr. appts :-(
Maybe a trip to City for something fun?
Need to win the Lottery..... don't we all?
Until next time!


Already July

So we all know time flys right? but this year is just whizzing by!!!
I have been so busy with my outside time (gardens, birdwatching etc.) that my poor ol scrapping and bloggin has been neglected.

I did complete a layout today, will photgraph and post tomorrow... I have been reading alot also, just finished up Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah a must read! I loved it, started The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, was on the waiting list FOREVER at the library. Tonite a trip to Borders brought me lots of new books to put on hold. I love reading so much, but the cost of purchasing said books gets over the top, so I scour the book shelfs and write down authors and titles... then head over to the fantastic libraby and put a hold request on them. :-)

On Father's Day my SIL brought her puppy "Summerland" over... she is adorable huh?

I did make a splurge this week and purchased a new point n shoot camera!!! Woot Woot.... I can't
wait for it to arrive. It is an Orange one :-) Canon PowerShot 14.1MP movel SD1400IS I really wanted to upgrade, but a DIgital SLR is still a bit out of the price reach right now... so I know this one will keep me happy... I was able to get it online at Target, it was on sale, and I used my discount and rewards points and scored a huge savings. Actually made it so worth while.. Now stalking the front door every day!!

A couple of the new Cricut Lite cartridges were a must have a tad pricy but Hoot 'n' Holler and Meow had my name written all over them.. So far they are exclusive to Walmart, hoping the price goes down a bit. I saw a couple more would consider.. It's time for me to start Christmas gift making so these could come in handy.

Until next time!